4.19 Letter of Transit - A first look

They came from the future.

At first, they only watched.
Arriving at key moments in human history.

We called them OBSERVERS.

But in 2015 they stopped watching...
and seized control.
Citizen uprising probed bloody and futile.
Those who survives became knows as "Natives."

In an attempt to show their allegiance,
some Natives faction became "Loyalists"
and were marked by the OBSERVERS.

The original FRINGE TEAM fought the invasion,
but was quickly defeated.

FRINGE DIVISION was allowed to continue
at a reduced capacity, but only to
police the Natives.

The resistance was quickly overcome...

...or so they thought.

Henrietta, déjà vu, Casablanca letters of transit, Peter, a bullet, William Bell ambered... I need to rewatch it. Again and again...